First Chance Industries seeks to provide support to the 12 Interagency Academies across Seattle, Supervised by Principal Kaaren Andrews from Columbia City. We are providing support to children who are at-risk, traumatized, marginalized, gang-involved, foster children, and/or current and formerly incarcerated students between 14 and 21.


The genesis of our program is Homeboy Industries Los Angeles (our model) began in 1987, when a young Jesuit Priest named Father Greg Boyle (“Tattoos on the Heart”) made the radical decision to look beyond the violence.  Father Boyle embraced teen-agers at risk, formerly incarcerated and gang-involved young people in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, when L.A. was overwhelmed with 90,000+ gang members. 


Father Boyle started by giving small jobs around the church to keep kids safe and productive.  Three decades later, Homeboy Industries operates multiple (13) social enterprises and a comprehensive menu of services that help build a bright future while developing marketable job skills.  Homeboy graduates 200 young men and women a year from this 18-month program of “Kinship”.

Pictured right to left:

Dee McQuesten,

First Chance Board Chair

Father Greg Boyle,

Homeboy Industries Los Angeles

Photo by Marcos Luna, Los Angeles


Father Gregory Boyle Ted Talk


Wrap-around services

Adult kinship and mentors

Mostly High School Diplomas and some GED’s for kids 14-21


Food assistance

Housing assistance

Financial support

Emotional support

Addiction recovery assistance

Limited art therapy

Limited music therapy

Clothing, shampoo and toiletries


Baby needs and equipment

Medical assistance

Dental assistance

Banking and financial education

Relapse prevention classes

Tattoo removal

Anger management

Case managers


Parenting classes

Kingmaker class support for Mr. Emery’s revolutionary program


Work Readiness and Job Training


Job Placement Coaching

Incentivized Field Trips to stretch individual and group horizons

Coaching, loving, educating, encouraging and nurturing these young people to become contributing members of our community and work force.

Name, Title


of donations goes to help the kids


Modeled after Homeboy Industries of Los Angeles, we foresee a time in Seattle when our young people are no longer dying in our streets, (having given up hope,) through gang violence, starvation and suicide; when they all have an opportunity to lead healthy and peaceful lives in a welcoming community.


We support Principal Andrews’ vision of HOPE. We are and will continue to provide multi-layered means to realize that HOPE.


First Chance believes in the importance, dignity, and potential of every person, regardless of their family background, socio-economic situation, or personal history.  We prize individual initiative and perseverance. 


First Chance believes in extending a hand up through the “No-Matter-Whatness” of unconditional love and acceptance, nurturing, education, life skills and job training, health care, tattoo removal, physical fitness, emotional support, and much more, to high schoolers who have fallen through the cracks of society. 


We support Interagency’s Core Values and Beliefs of loving, nurturing, encouraging and educating these young people through a tight and talented network of extraordinary faculty within a framework of “Kinship.”


  1. We believe in the value of being present.

  2. We believe in in the value of knowing every student well academically, socially, emotionally and historically.

  3. We believe everyone matters and should be treated with kindness.

  4. We believe we can create an environment that is physically, emotionally, spiritually safe for everyone.

  5. We believe in meeting every student where they are and supporting them as they grow.

  6. We believe in celebrating success.

  7. We believe in the value of team.

  8. We believe joy should be experienced every day

100% of donations

goes to help the kids

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